Play Arts Kai: Bayonetta & Jeanne action figures

Play Arts Kai: Bayonetta and Jeanne stand-off

I loved Bayonetta: from the moment I’ve seen the initial trailer I knew that it’s a game for me and I never regretted buying X-Box and wide-screen TV to be able to enjoy it fully, but that’s something for a separate post.

However, one of the things about Bayonetta that appealed to me the most was the design: inhumane proportions aside, I loved the two main characters, hence no surprise I was really excited about the action figures Play Arts Kai released as they are well known for how detailed their products are.

Unfortunately, I was about to find out what else they’ve became knows for recently: extremely fragile designs that fall apart in your hands.

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Paula’s Choice

Paula's Choice skincare

I must admit, my interest in beauty products did not rise until quite recently.
For the longest time – since my teens – I’ve kept to a few common sense ground rules, but I did not give too much though when buying beauty products.

Well, I got a bit more vain recently. Combine this with the fact that as I got older, I became more and more of a conscious customer, a time came when I looked at the cosmetics I was using, asking myself Can I truly improve something here?

This was a bit of a rhetorical question – of course there was room for improvement, but unfortunately the type of information about cosmetics that were of interest to me were not really easy to find.
I was on the lookout for facts, real trials and not company spin doctor claims.

Thankfully, someone has done it before me! Truthfully, I was a bit shocked how little unbiased, in-depth reviews are there on the multitude of websites that deal with beauty products on the internet. Beautypedia was one of the few that actually went more than skin-deep, including extensive ingredients explanation and that has led me straight to Paula’s Choice (Dutch retailer) – the brand of Beautypedia’s founder, Paula Begoun (the self-proclaimed Cosmetics Cop).

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